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Profile | Peter

(Men's Sheds)

There Is No Power Like The One Of Giving.

This documentary aims to grip and move audiences into being better versions of themselves through Peter’s impactful and very personal story. Having spent most of his life serving his community, Peter has personally sacrificed immense amounts for the betterment of others.


His ability to be so unconditionally selfless and to care about more than just himself has made him into the formidable character that he is today. Through this story, we want audiences to impact other people in the way Peter has. But not for the reasoning of ticking off a box on a resume, but for knowing that they have made an impact on the world and they are stronger for it, just like Peter.


Filmmaking team:

Producer | Michelle Malaney

Co-Directors | Jonty Gardner and Sherman Lo

Director of Photography | James Howard 

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