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Do you use meaningful PBI titles? Luke Cook | SSW Rules
SSW TV | Videos for developers, by developers

Do you use meaningful PBI titles? Luke Cook | SSW Rules Product Backlog Items (PBIs) are the cornerstone of a well-oiled project. They track features, bugs, tasks, and much more. When a developer or Product Owner is looking through the backlog, it's important that - at a glance - they can read the titles of PBIs and have a decent understanding of them. So what separates a good PBI title from a bad one? 0:00 | Introduction 0:41 | PBI Users 1:25 | Demo PBI Titles 2:50 | The pain of poorly titled PBI's 3:25 | Demo with good PBI titling 3:39 | Tip #1 Use Gitmojis to create visual context 4:02 | Tip #2 Use prefixes to zoom out and establish context 4:40 | Why use these Tips? Without a meaningful title, you need to drill down into the details. If your backlog is substantial, it quickly becomes time-consuming and tedious to drill into each and every item to see what it's about. Even worse - next time you visit the backlog, chances are you won't remember the details and will have to re-read every PBI again! Emojis - love them or hate them - have become a staple in the development world. As the old saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words. You can use emojis (responsibly!) to categorize PBIs, as well as bring attention to important items in a way that is easily interpreted by other people. Regardless of whether or not you choose to adopt the emoji language, you should always be mindful of the title's text. Always ask yourself: can a developer (or Product Owner) interpret the task and its importance without needing to dive into the details? Subscribe for more content from SSW TV Press like and leave a comment below to let us know how we're doing LinkedIn - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - #sswrules ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Credits: Luke Cook - Luke has spent the last 15 years in the Fintech and Paytech industry, designing and building software solutions that are used by thousands of Australian businesses. He has worked closely with the ATO in many of their industry initiatives, including SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll. Luke enjoys solving complex business processes in ways that make things easy for everyday users. Luke has worked with .NET Framework since 2.0, and continues to follow the .NET and .NET Core development community closely. Having attended various SSW training courses and User Groups since 2008, he decided to make the jump to SSW in 2022. His favourite tech stack is .NET WebAPIs coupled with SPA front-ends, specifically Angular and Blazor. When he's not working, Luke can be found around Sydney playing his guitar with friends, running TTRPG sessions and mentoring junior developers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ See more videos at For more information about SSW's web application consulting services, please visit Created by SSW TV | Videos for developers, by developers v2 - Jonty
Dungowen Estate Wedding | Connor & Majella
Fable Wedding Films

Dungowen Estate Wedding | Connor & Majella

Connor & Majella’s Wedding Story is filled with Fate. Courage. Unity. We were incredibly moved after hearing their speeches about the love, trust and support for each other. The amount of faith they give each other and to their friends and family around them is so inspiring! We were so honoured and privileged to not only witness but capture the marriage of Connor & Majella; and give them a story they can cherish and re-live forever ❤️ - Words from Majella, the Bride herself: "Jonty & Sherman were so wonderful. They listened to everything we wanted and really created something so special. We are SO happy to have got both the Fable Film & the FOMO edit. Would highly recommend both! For us, the 2 edits captured the 2 different vibes of the day and we love each one on its own & also together as a joint work of art. One thing that made all the difference was that they added really personalised shots that had a deep, unique meaning to us. That was something that meant a lot bc it meant they understood us as a couple. We couldn't have been happier working with them and are so grateful to have chosen Fable Wedding Films to capture the best day of our lives. Thank you Jonty & Sherman for all your hard work & delivering something that we will cherish forever." - Vendors: Videographers: Photographer: Hair & Make-up: Cakes/Bakery: Wedding Dress: Locations: Venue: Dungowen Estate - - Contact Fable Wedding Films ➳ More Fable Films ➳ Instagram ➳
Building Cross-Platform Apps Made Easy with .NET MAUI in Action with Matt Goldman
SSW TV | Videos for developers, by developers

Building Cross-Platform Apps Made Easy with .NET MAUI in Action with Matt Goldman

Looking to build cross-platform mobile or desktop apps? Matt Goldman, SSW Solution Architect and Author of .NET MAUI in Action, demonstrates just how easy it is for .NET developers to build cross-platform mobile or desktop apps using .NET MAUI. He walks us through a sample from his book, ".NET MAUI in Action," and shows how the cross-platform APIs provided by .NET MAUI eliminate the need to write code specific to Windows, iOS, or Android. If you want to start building cross-platform apps today, pick up a copy of .NET MAUI in Action and receive 45% off your purchase. Start building your .NET MAUI apps today! 0:00 - Introduction 0:30 - Example of cross-platform code in action 1:00 - Explanation of how .NET MAUI makes it easy 1:30 - Information about sample from book .NET MAUI in Action 2:00 - Discount offer for book 🔗  Links: Rule: Need help?: Matt Goldman's book: CODE: netmaui45 **LIMITED TIME ONLY** 🌐 Follow us: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tiktok:  👋 Get in touch: Matt Goldman – SSW Solution Architect About: LinkedIn: For more information about SSW's consulting services, please visit  #sswrules #videoediting #netmaui #maui #dotnetmaui #mobileapps #crossplatform #dotnet v3 - Jonty
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"Jonty was an incredibly professional photographer who gave us exactly what we needed for our team promotional document. He immediately got the sense of what we needed and the target audience. He was very accommodating with us and got the photos delivered within our very tight timeline. I would highly recommend Jonty to anyone who is seeking a professional photographer with a high quality product"


"There was time pressure and I had never done anything like that before. I found Jonty very professional. His advise was always positive and encouraging. Each obstacle was just another challenge that was successfully negotiated with calmness and serenity. It was great working with Jonty!"


"You know when you connect with someone in the industry and you know that they are something special, that’s exactly what Jonty Gardner is.

His enthusiasm, eye for detail, natural creative ability and overall genuine kindness is the exact type of person you want to work and collaborate with.

I had the great pleasure of working with Jonty as our 23rd New South Wales ABIA Wedding Awards, he encapsulated the event to perfection. Highlighted elements of fun, business, emotion and our brand itself.

Jonty has an utmost bright future ahead of him. Simply because of his aptitude, talents and fantastic personality.

Thanks a million for the opportunity and Looking forward to next time."


"Jonty has been a pleasure to work with. He understood perfectly the message we were trying to convey to our customers and delivered a brilliant video to match. I look forward to working with him again."


"From the beginning meeting, right through to the delivery of the final product - 100% professional class! He makes his long hours and hard work dedicated to his vision look like a walk in the park. You’ll never find him without a smile and a great idea."


"Jonty was efficient, adaptable and very professional when working with our university society. He was easy to work with and he was able to get great shots of our event while ensuring that everyone felt comfortable in front of the camera. The video he produced was of great quality and we had no complains working with him at all. 


"Jonty didn't just capture the amazing atmosphere at our Annual Society Ball. He complements it with even more energy, charism and charm that is reflected in his personality and his work! He is super easy to work with and produced a video of superb quality. Our team was very impressed with his final product and we highly recommend him for future events!"


"Incredible photographer, with an eye for detail and creativity. Jonty is also very genuine and humble and definitely someone I’d highly recommend."

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